Welcome, welcome! This is the beginning of yet another one of the blogs I’ve started – and I’m hoping this is here to stay.

Two and a half years and two kids later, we’re still in the D.C. area. Honestly, we really don’t have any kind of solid idea of what the future holds. Scary? A little. Exciting? Of course. When people ask us what our plans are, I tell them we are done making plans. We do, however, set goals. Maybe this is partially because we have been burned so many times, and are not doing anything we thought we’d be doing had you asked us three years ago. But, I think part of that is because we are typical 20 somethings.

I used to believe that you decided what you wanted to do for the rest of your life in college, and that you’d be set from your first big-kid job for your career. And that was just about as naive as believing that college life at Ohio State was going to be the same as it is at Grove City College. Boy, was I wrong, which I realized my first weekend in Stradley Hall when one of the girls down the hall got roofied her first night out.

It seems that that people my age are constantly searching for the answers to these questions:
What am I actually good at? How do I get paid to do it? And how do I change the world doing it?

Michael and I are definitely still working through this, both as professional individuals, and as a team leading our family. I’d like to think that we’re good at raising our kids, and obviously aren’t going to be paid to raise them. BUT, I wholeheartedly believe that raising beautiful, loving, honest, compassionate and intelligent children to be great contributors to society is in fact one of the best ways we can change the world. Who knows what great things are in store for them!

So welcome to my new space, learning about our journey as we navigate this crazy world. Our eyes are set forward, fixed on the horizon, making goals rather than plans. Perspective is everything, and I’m excited to share mine.