It’s a bittersweet time as Little P is turning 4 months old, we’re starting to hear her belly laugh and watch her learn to sit up on her own… I’ve also finally put away the last of the newborn and 0-3 month clothing. 

The new clothes we had stored and waiting are still tiny and as cute as ever. But there’s a few favorites that will get tucked away until another Little Lady Lyons makes her way into the world (or maybe not at all). I love the white sparkly leggings and the gray penguin sweater that’s wearing a bow tie, the “little lady” sleeper and pink giraffe onesies. 

The frequent exchanging of clothes from one size to the next every few months is just a reminder that babies don’t keep. In a way, it’s quite exciting to think about the kind of personality your baby will grow into, and to learn what their likes and dislikes are. On the other hand, who could complain about having a little tiny newborn nugget curled up on you all the time. 

Time is moving faster than I’d like in this crazy tornado we are calling life these days. But the future is looking bright!