Getting the 2 year-old to go down for his nap has been quite a task this past week. His nap avoidance skills have continued to amaze me, so I thought I’d share, because I’m sure your toddler might need some new tricks.

Step One: Tell mama you have to pee, then sit on the toilet for 15 minutes because you have to go “again.” This is particularly affective when mommy and daddy are quite eager for said toddler to be excited about using the big boy potty.

Step Two: Run around naked, refusing a diaper, after using the potty. Being chased while running around with a bare bum is especially thrilling.

Step Three: Continue bringing more books to read after mommy agreed to only one. When we still aren’t clearly talking and putting words together into phrases or sentences, we understand how much mommy and daddy hope that books will lead to better speech.

Step Four: Claim you’re hungry, and then slowly feed Cheerios to yourself, mommy, Mickey and Minnie. Nothing tugs at a mama’s heartstrings more than the idea of putting their baby to bed on an empty tummy.

Step Five: Scream and cry in hopes that mommy will change her mind (or let you FaceTime Grammie) and not make you go to sleep until you finally just lie down and zonk out.

There you have it my friends, five not-so-successful, yet clever ways to avoid taking a nap.