This summer is going to be a challenging one! Grier has been going to preschool twice a week for the mornings this past year, and I’m realizing if we’re all to survive, there’s a call for intentionality in our activities. I see this as the summer to lock down a routine and really take even more advantage than we have already of living 10 minutes from the heart of Washington D.C.

So what better way to start than going to the library the first day we could to sign up for the summer reading program! As you can see, Grier has already started his reading endeavors today, and if you can’t see, one of the prizes is FREE CHIPOTLE. It doesn’t really get much better – and 60 books over the course of four months is going to be in a walk in the park. At this point, we typically read 3 stories at a time, because, well, Grier is 3, and he therefore must do everything accordingly.

What I’m Reading: Commencement by J. Courtney Sullivan

Podcast I’m listening to: Serial Season 1

Show I’m binge watching: Downton Abbey