In my rejoicing over winter passing and not having to bundle the kids up only to have to take their jackets back off to get in their car seat – repeating the process while running errands – I completely forgot about so many steps in the process to get going in the summer.

Sunscreen, bug bites, skinned knees – all things that had completely escaped me. P got eaten alive by some red ants yesterday, I’m constantly wrestling my kids to put on sunscreen every time they want to play outside, and someone has a freshly skinned knee almost daily.

To top it all off, I broke my toe at an indoor playground yesterday. Have you ever broken a toe? Literally the WORST and naturally happens at the most inconvenient times… like the first night of my honeymoon, or the beginning of summer. As I was painting my nails to make sure they didn’t look awful when complaining about my toe to others, P woke up just in time to want hers painted too. Aren’t those tiny feet the absolute sweetest with pink nail polish on them?

Anyways, I guess it’s time to step up my game on the bug spray… and I’m still trying to figure out where I stand with this whole sunscreen debate beyond knowing we use sunscreen like crazies and can’t afford $20 bottles. Though, some argue it’s a small price to pay. What sunscreen do you use?

Kids Show We Love Right Now: Peppa Pig

Take Out Food I’m Craving: Buffalo Wild Wings

Sunscreen We’re Currently Using: Banana Boat Kids SPF 50, DO Naturals SPF 32